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Week 9
~Friday: Enter One Werewolf: Lyall's open log (Alucard, Kaidan)
~Friday: 009 ⌥ TEXT [filtered against erik, sorry bro]: Commander Shepherd's open post (Action reply)

Week 10
~Sunday: Home Invader: Lyall and Alucard's closed log
~Sunday: The Outer Authorities Return: Kaidan's comment
~Sunday: The Outer Authorities Return: Lyall's open comment
~Sunday: The Outer Authorities Return: Judy's open comment
~Sunday: The Outer Authorities Return: Kaidan and Lyall post-raid
~Monday: (no subject): The Fifth Doctor's log
~Tuesday: and so she returns: Commander Shepard's open log
~Wednesday: [VIDEO | 005: Hot Under The Collar] (Wednesday Evening): Kaidan's open post
~Wednesday: Makin' It Work:: Kaidan's open log
~Wednesday: 010 ⌥ VOICE [backdated to wednesday, i'm so sorry]: Shepard's open post
~Thursday: Errands: Lyall's open log (Pepper, Wing, Eliot?)
~Thursday: Alucard's open post
~Thursday: W010 - Thursday (Backdated) || Off to work: Eliot Spencer's open log (midday)
~Thursday: W010 - Thursday (Backdated) || Off to work: Eliot Spencer's open log (evening)

Week 11
~Sunday: Help Me to Help You: Saint Walker's log
~Monday: And Down We Go: Lyall and Liara's log
~Tuesday: Spooked: Chime's open log
~Tuesday: Potts About Town: Pepper's open log, with Chime
~Wednesday: The Secret's Out: Lyall's log with Kaidan
~Wednesday: (no subject): Bruce Banner's open log
~Thursday: Settling in [Open] Meredith's open log
~Thursday: [Audio | 004: Back in the Saddle] Thursday, Week 11: Pepper's open post
~Thursday: Shapeshifter Hunting: Lyall and Chime's log
~Saturday: 011 ⌥ VIDEO [backdated: night before the mingle log]: Shepard's open post

Week 12
~Sunday: A Feast...ish: Open Mingle Log (Ella Watson)
~Sunday: A Feast...ish: Open Mingle Log (Kaidan)
~Sunday: Preparations: Roni Birne (NPC)'s open log
~Monday: Video: Charles Xavier (AU)'s open post
~Monday: [Video | 005: A Quest Arrow Appears!] Monday Evening, Week 12: Pepper Potts' open post
~Tuesday: Unpalatable Domiciles: Lyall and Chime's log
~Tuesday: Potts About Town: Redux: Pepper Pott's open log
~Wednesday: Walking a Lady Asari Home: Lyall and Liara's log
~Friday: [Video | 002: Adjusting]: Emma Watson's open post
~Friday: Open Log | Friday Week 12 | Journey into the Imagination: Charles Xavier (OU)'s open log
~Satuday: 01 | video + text: Ander's open video/text
~Saturday: Adventurers' Assembly: Saturday Evening, Week 12: Pepper Pott's open plotty log

Week 13
~Sunday: Curiouser and curiouser...: Spock's open arrival log
~Monday: First Howl [Audio, Monday night]: Lyall's open post about hunting raptors
~Tuesday: Pre-Moon Symptoms: Lyall and Eliot's log of growls and confusion
~Tuesday: (no subject): Charles Xavier (AU)'s open log of star-gazing
~Tuesday: it became a thing such as even Dante could not have conceived: Davis Bloome's open log of naked post-ragemonster time
~Wednesday: Raptor Hunting: Log with Kaidan, Liara, and Chime
~Thursday: Who suffers more?: Full moon shenanigans with Kaidan and Liara
~Friday: [002 | Audio]: Liara T'soni's post on Shepard's disappearance
~Friday: ◯ W013 - Friday || Howling at the moon: Eliot's open log of full moon wolfishness
~Friday: (no subject): Remus Lupin's arrival log
~Saturday: Voice.: The Oracle's open post about floods
~Saturday: Second Howl [Audio, Saturday morning]: Lyall's open network post about the missing Oracle

Week 14
~Sunday: Wizard Errands: Thero's open log of errand-running, with Remus
~Monday: Farewells (For a month or so): Lyall and Chime's saying-goodbyes log
~Monday: (no subject): Bruce Banner's open log of routine stuff
~Tuesday: Home again, home again: Nem's open returning log
~Thursday: Cafeteria: Helpers Welcome: Eliot's open comment at the free dinner
~Thursday: Search Party the First: Search and rescue in the tunnels, complete with potential flooding!
~Saturday: Dinosaur Herding: Lyall and Kaidan talk about dinosaurs and feelings

Week 15
~Sunday: Werewolf Dinner Date: Lyall and Eliot meet for dinner
~Monday: A Funny Smell: Lyall's open log for fog shenanigans
~Monday: (no subject): Jocelyn Xavier's open log for fog shenanigans
~Tuesday: Archaeology on a Foreign Planet: Archaeo shenanigans with Liara
~Friday: Third Howl [Private Messages, late Friday night]: Lyall leaves messages about the Oracle

Week 16
~Sunday: (no subject): Thero and Lyall chatting over roots
~Monday: Secrets: Kaidan and attempting to unlock a door
~Tuesday: [Tuesday Evening, Week 16] Dinner Party on the Eve of Disaster:: Dinner party at Pepper's: Pre-party
~Tuesday: [Tuesday Evening, Week 16] Dinner Party on the Eve of Disaster:: Dinner party at Pepper's: During
~Tuesday: [Tuesday Evening, Week 16] Dinner Party on the Eve of Disaster:: Dinner party at Pepper's: Afterwards with Tony
~Wednesday: Open Log: Old City, meet dinosaur: Darwin's introduction to the city
~Thursday: Thursday: Homecoming: Chime's return!
~Thursday: And then there was one:: Liara's disappearance

Week 17
~All week: Hospital MIngle Log: OTA: Admin and helping with heavy stuff: Lyall's open comment of hospital work
~Monday: Trying to Make Sense of It: Lyall has a difficult chat with the Oracle
~Tuesday: [Video]: Abby's network post trying to contact home
~Tuesday: [Text | Week 17, Tuesday, Mid-afternoon]: Tony Stark's announcement about Kaidan taking ill
~Tuesday: Visiting Hours:: Kaidan ill at the hospital all week
~Wednesday-Saturday: Wanted: Two (Or More) Clavigers: Lyall goes looking for full-moon help
~Wednesday: Hospital MIngle Log: Hospital Administration: Delegation Central!: Pepper Potts's open comment of hospital work
~Thursday: [text] Thursday, Week 17: Sick Bruce's network post, where Lyall offers to help out

Week 18
~Sunday: Werewolf Central Station: The full moon shenanigans
~Monday: Werewolf Aftermath: Lyall checks in with Remus after the full moon sets
~Monday: [Audio: The Hot Zone] Monday evening, week 18: Pepper's network post about medical questing
~Tuesday: Not a surprise: Chime's death
~Wednesday: Seven Days' Descent: Week 18 Open Log: Visiting Pepper at her apartment

Week 19
~Sunday: (no subject): Bruce Banner's house visit the day before he dies
~Monday: Audio: Monday, Week 19: Mordin Solus's arrival post to the network
~Monday: (no subject): Chime's rebirth
~Monday: Fourth Howl [Audio, late Monday night]: Lyall's network post about Chime's resurrection
~Tuesday: Big Silver Box Time: Kaidan and the Box
~Friday: Physician, Rest Thyself:: Bones works a little too late
~Friday: [Audio: Filtered] Tying Loose Ends: (Friday, Week 19): Pepper is taken ill again, and checks in with people
~Friday: I ☾ week 19, friday early afternoon; [audio]: Ruby's network arrival post
~Friday: A Missing Potts: Lyall tracks Tony down when Pepper gets podded
~Saturday: Pandemic: Raid: Lyall's open post in the hospital

Week 20
~Sunday: A Missing Potts: Checking in with Tony in the evening after the raid
~Monday: ● W020 - Sunday - Wednesday || Recovery Time: Eliot's open log, recovering from the raid
~Monday: hey there little red riding hood [OPEN/ WEEK 20]: Ruby's open log of delivering goodies
~Wednesday: [Open Log]: A Week's Worth of Coping Mechanisms:: Tracking down Kaidan while the man is sick and underground
~Friday: (no subject): Remus is finally ill, and checking in at the hospital

Week 21
~Thursday: [Video, Thursday morning]: Network post of dog collaring
~Thursday: (no subject): Katniss's arrival at the ship
~Thursday: where there's light: Wing wanders the ship, and Lyall happens to be there, too
~Friday: [OPEN] The Reveng-- er, Return of the Potts:: Pepper returns and Lyall visits!
~Saturday: (no subject): Return of the Bruce!

Week 22
~Sunday: A Misunderstanding of Shapes: Briar and wolftime
~Monday: [open]: Ianto explores the city, Lyall stumbles upon him
~Monday: Forget-me-not: Chime memories
~Wednesday: Don't go out tonight: Lyall spots the new "moon"
~Wednesday: Don't go out tonight: Kaidan spots the new "moon", too, and Lyall seeks him out
~Wednesday: (no subject): Somebody oddly familiar arrives
~Thursday: Waking from the Dreams: Strelok wakes up on the ship, Lyall runs into him
~Thursday: Yet Another Failed Attempt: Full moon (Kaidan, Remus, Ruby, Alexia, Chime)

Week 23
~Sunday: (no subject): Katniss goes hunting, and Lyall does, too
~Tuesday: Worries: Lyall and Kaidan talk werewolfies and protection from them
~Wednesday: Full Antiqua: Lyall's experience with a full planet as opposed to a full moon
~Wednesday: Convergence: Lyall's open comment of wolfiness
~Wednesday: Convergence: Kaidan's open comment
~Wednesday: Convergence: Ruby's open comment
~Friday: [video] Friday, Week 23: Bruce's offer of lectures and warning of disappearance

Week 24
~Sunday: [OPEN] Here a Pepper, There a Pepper:: Lyall drops by to see Pepper
~Monday: 001 [video]: Lyall greets a fellow Victorian-ish person
~Monday-Friday: Hunting for Silver [OPEN]: Just what it says: Lyall looking for silver!
~Tuesday: [Open]: Bruce has gone Hulk in the mountains, and Lyall stumbles upon him
~Thursday: [Text] Thursday, Week 24: Tony asking for help with the engine systems
~Friday: [text] only slightly backdated to Friday of Week 24: Banner's return to civilization

Week 25-26
~Sunday, Week 25: [Video]: Wing spies Liara among the Lost
~Monday, Week 25: Pack Introductions: Lyall introduces Alexia formally to "the pack"
~Tuesday, Week 25: [Open] Under the city: Lyall tracks Tumnus into the underground
~Wednesday, Week 25: Meeting Time: Lyall and Tony talk collars and try not to get on each other's nerves
~Wednesday, Week 25: Operative in the Woods: Finding Abby
~Friday, Week 26: Regarding a Weredog [Backdated]: Talking with Abby about the full moon

Week 27-28
~Monday, Week 27: And the madness leaves at last...: Full moon morning after a collar
~Tuesday, Week 27: 001 | [voice]: Christine Chapel's arrival video
~Wednesday, Week 27: Wizard stuff: Lyall drops by Thero's new place
~Thursday, Week 27: The Potential for Hovering: Lyall runs into Briar under the city
~Monday, Week 28: Mountain Search: Hunting for lost hunters with Christine Chapel, Mulan, and Jack Frost

Week 29-30
~Monday, Week 29: Clearing Up Some Supernatural Questions: Chatting with Miss Chapel about the supernatural
~Wednesday, Week 29: Voice: Wednesday Morning: Nem announces the hunting party was found, Lyall asks questions
~Thursday, Week 29: One Rose Petal ✿ {Video}: Firion contacts the network, Lyall responds
~Saturday, Week 29: Is that a treehouse? [OPEN]: Abigail's treehouse has expanded
~Sunday, Week 30: Jack isn't so sure about this researching... [Closed]: Testing Jack's powers with Christine Chapel
~Monday, Week 30: Southward to Adventure!: Lyall casing the camp come evening
~Tuesday, Week 30: Voice: The Oracle's latest announcement
~Wednesday, Week 30: Southward to Adventure!: Jailed after the attack!
~Saturday, Week 30: Minor Adventures: Lyall runs into Armand at the animal farms

Week 31-32
~Friday, Week 31: (no subject): Plying Edmund gently for information
~Saturday, Week 31: (no subject): Lyall meets Atticus... a fellow shapeshifter!
~Sunday, Week 32: [Video: Saturday Night, Week 31] Landfall: Lyall greeting Kaidan upon re-entry to the continent
~Sunday, Week 32: Winter's Last Dance: Jack freezes a pond, Lyall stops to chat
~Sunday, Week 32: Winter's Last Dance: Jack freezes a pond, then fall asleep by it, and Lyall cuddles up nice

Week 33
~Monday: [Open Log, Week 33] A Wandering Alenko Appears:: Lyall visits Kaidan after his return
~Wednesday: Act I ~ [Video]: Genesis puts out a call for help
~Thursday: I’ve played my part, worked hard all my life [OPEN]: Lyall visits with Shepard and her dinosaur
~Friday: [Video] Week 33 - Friday Morning: Atticus is going off grid for a while and warns Lyall
~Saturday: Math Central [CLOSED]: Lyall asking a couple smart people about the Oracle's number strings

Week 34
~Sunday: Human Mating Rituals [CLOSED]: Chime has some questions for Lyall about "marriage"
~Tuesday: [video] SNAKES ON A M_F_in' SHIP: Snake's somewhat panicked demand upon arrival
~Wednesday: Fifth Howl [Video | Wednesday morning]: Lyall asks after some informational help
~Friday: [Video] Week 34 - Friday Evening: Atticus sends Lyall a message while Lyall is loopy in the fog
~Friday: Werewolves in the Mist [CLOSED]: Lyall runs into trouble in the fog

Week 35
~Sunday: Post-Fog Visitations [CLOSED, backdated]: Lyall visits his lone packmate after the fog
~Sunday: Hunting Hounds [CLOSED, backdated]: Going hunting with Atticus and Oberon

Rise of the Domes
~Day One, Week One: Arrival: Rise of the Domes: Lyall and others are pulled out of time
~Full Moon, Week Two: Rise of the Domes: First Full Moon: Lyall's first full moon in the past doesn't go well
~Week Three, Day Two: Rise of the Domes: Safehouse Mingle: Lyall has a helpful chat with Belle
~Thursday/Friday, Week Four: Rise of the Domes: Smoke and Mirrors: Lyall and some friends break into the Oracle's old (future) hideaway. He gets this data out of it.
~Monday-ish, Week Five: Rise of the Domes: Info Sharing: Christine is exchanging information on the rebellion
~Week Eleven, Wednesday-ish: Lyall sneaks into the elevator to poke around. This is what he finds.
~Week Eleven, Friday-ish: Rise of the Domes: Safehouse Mingle: Lyall and Kurt stare at data
~Week Thirteen: Rise of the Domes: Riot: Lyall comes to try and help Kurt and Genesis

Lost in Time: Nowhere
~Day ???: Lost In Time: Welcome to Nowhere: Lyall finds Briar in Nowhere
~Day ???: Lost In Time: Welcome to Nowhere: Lyall then finds Kaidan in Nowhere

Week 37
~Sunday: Lost In Time: The Return: Everyone is dumped back into the "new" current timeline
~Tuesday: Video: Tuesday, Week 37: Wes wonders what his previous self was drinking
~Tuesday: [Audio]: Ashley wants details about what happened, Lyall provides what he knows
~Wednesday: Flight: Lyall seeks out an angsty Chime
~Thursday: I: [video]: Kozmotis asks about languages and sparring, Lyall is curious
~Friday: The Odd Roommates [CLOSED]: Lyall meets Wes in person at the apartment they share
~Friday: [OPEN] Returning to Where You've Never Been:: Lyall visits Pepper
~Saturday: Library Tours: Lyall and Belle share a love of researching

Week 38
~Saturday: On a clear day [OPEN]: Lyall runs into Christine and is pleased to find her alive!

Week 39
~Sunday: [Video, shortly after midnight]: Lyall catches something on camera

Week 40
~Tuesday: Don't Believe in Fate: Lyall stumbles upon Loki trying to teach himself how to use a staff as a weapon

Week 41
~Thursday: [Video | Thursday afternoon]: Lyall has a spot of difficulty with his new motorbike
~Saturday: Text: Saturday, Week 41; Night.: Akito is worried about collars

Week 43
~Tuesday: [open]: Merlin arrives, Lyall startles him in wolf form

Week 44
~Wednesday: Video - Week 44, Wednesday - OPEN: Elissa is looking for Kozmotis

Week 46
~Sunday: [Video] Sunday morning: Lyall's awake again and feeling a bit silly at having to wake up twice
~Monday: Video: On Podded Officiants: Lyall offers his services to officiate a wedding
~Friday: Catching Up [CLOSED]: Lyall and Shepard (the brunette one) catch up over tea

Week 47
~Sunday: [Video + Action] | Sunday morning: Lyall requests a head-count
~Monday: [Video]: Vaarsuvius appears, and Lyall is confused as to their gender
~Monday: System Check: Lyall experiments with teleporting in the ship
~Friday: [Text, Friday Morning]: Tony informs people that Pepper is gone

Week 49
~Monday: [Week 49: OPEN] Medical Mystery Tour: Lyall bothers McCoy about the sheep
~Tuesday: Finding creepy dead guys to poke: Kit and Lyall find the missing shepherd
~Wednesday: [Video] Wednesday night, late: Lyall runs into some trouble

Week 50
~Monday: If you think you can, reach out your hand: Captain America wakes up about the same time Lyall does. Lyall, however, is naked.
~Monday: [Audio] Monday, late morning: Lyall's back and disturbed by the ship taking away his powers
~Tuesday: [OPEN] Coffee, Community and Consolation: Lyall finds Pepper at the Wake at Callahan's

Week 51
~Monday: [Week 51 + 1 Week 50] The traveller return'd from that undiscovered country: Lyall visits Kaidan after they're both back from the dead
~Tuesday: [Video] | Tuesday night: Lyall wants to hunt down the remaining bone fiend(s)

Week 52
~Thursday: All Them Bones: A group of brave destroyers tackle the bone fiend nest

Week 53
~Monday: Full Moon Freedom: Lyall comes back after the bone fiend destruction to a happy discovery
~Monday: [Private Text: Various | Monday night]: Lyall checking in with people from his mission
~Thursday: Attack of the Librarians: Belle and Lyall catch up
~Saturday: At Long Last: The Frywalker Wedding [Saturday Week 53]: Lyall at the wedding

Week 54
~Friday: Move Your Dead Bones: Lyall attacking the bone monster at the docks
~Friday: Move Your Dead Bones: Taking down the bone!Lyall

Week 55
~Tuesday: OPEN: Nick's arrival [Week 55, Tuesday]: Nick's arrival
~Thursday: Midsummer Ball: Lyall at the ball, where something untoward happens to him

Week 56
~Monday: Can Cleverbot do this?: Lyall finally meets Salvation!
~Thursday: [Closed]: The Doctor comes to ask Lyall some questions

Week 57
~Monday: Monday Week 57: Bonding Through Building: Lyall attempts to work but only winds up stewing on the roof, instead

Week 59
~Tuesday: the world is burning to the ground: Lyall meets Derek on the street during the riots
~Thursday: We actually did start the fire this time: Lyall and Nick at the Flop fire

Week 60
~Monday: Monday: Week 60 - Around Town - Open: Lyall meets Selenay (and Caryo) in the streets

Week 61
~All week: A Week in the Life of a Werewolf (who shouldn't be out at night) [OPEN]: Catch-all for the gameweek

Week 63
~Wednesday: Wednesday: Plants are easier to deal with than tarbosaurs: Lyall meets Neville after curfew
~Friday: Goat-hunting, wolf style: Lyall and Derek go hunting

Week 64
~Monday: (no subject): Nick and Lyall chat about his lack of proper sleeping habits and then bad flashbacks
~Tuesday: Video: Re-awkening: Armand returns, Lyall greets him
~Wednesday: Wednesday: Week 64 - Around/Exploring outside Town - Open: Lyall overhears Selenay having a flash-forward

Week 65
~All week: Turning Back the Clock [OPEN]: Lyall becomes bitty

Week 66
~Sunday: The Adventures of Little Miss Bossy: Bitty Lyall meets Bitty Pepper
~Wednesday: [Video] | Wednesday morning early: Lyall is no longer bitty, and is definitely embarrassed
~Wednesday: [Wednesday, week 66]: The various people in Lyall's apartment greet his newly adult self

Week 67
~Saturday-Sunday: Full Moon... Week? [OPEN]: Lyall spends the full moon on the ship, and it lasts a lot longer than he's used to

Week 68
~Monday: House-Hunting [CLOSED]: Lyall and Nick find the perfect place for a pack
~Thursday: Fogbank: The were household goes out into the fog
~Thursday: A Brief Request | Thursday evening, Video: Lyall warns that some of his household are out in the fog

Week 70
~Sunday: [OPEN] Video: Coming back to Poseidon: Buldge ventures outside the ship again

Week 71
~Tuesday: [Video] Tuesday: Week 71: Bruce returns, Lyall is pleased
~Wednesday: Were-people House [Closed]: Lyall's house mingle

Week 72
~Friday: so this werewolf thing: Nick has questions about werewolves

Week 73
~Friday: I'm Passing Over You Like a Satellite: Lyall investigates a crashed ship and finds a newcomer

Week 74
~Monday: So he thinks life is a card game...: Hajime stalks Lyall, thinking he's the Wolf Undead

Week 75
~Wednesday: Pack Night Out: Lyall takes Derek and Sarea hunting
~Thursday: Starlight, Starbright... [Video | Thursday night]: Lyall has noticed something odd about the stars
~Saturday: Basic Claviger Stuff [Closed]: Lyall shows Nick what the full moon will be like for him if he takes the bite

Week 76
~Wednesday: A Working Class Hero Is Something To Be: Lyall bumps into Ghost again
~Thursday: Closed, Week 76: Sarea and Lyall confer about Derek's disappearance

Week 78
~Saturday: It's the end of the world as we know it: Lyall's thoughts on their difficult choice
~Saturday: It's the end of the world as we know it: Lyall responds to Pepper's thoughts on their difficult choice

Week 81
~All week: A Week in the Life: Randolph Lyall: Lyall doing routine things, and some not quite so routine things

Week 84
~Sunday: [Audio] Sunday, Week 84: Aberrations and Opportunities: Lyall asks directions to the nearest bone monsters

Week 85
~Tuesday: Dinner and Data Analysis: Lyall, Pepper, and Tony parse spreadsheets
~Mid-week: Plans for Golems [Semi-open]: Lyall makes plans with folks to deal with the problem

Week 86
~Sunday-Monday: Solstice Spectacle: Lyall at the Convergence Solstice
~Monday: [Video + Text] Just after midnight, Monday morning: Lyall videos something strange
~Monday: Solstice Spectacle: Lyall meets a semi-friendly ghost
~Wednesday: Video: Wednesday, Week 85: Birthdays are mildly confusing

Week 87
~Wednesday: Passing on exposition: Lyall meets Molly on Salvation to discuss Nem
~Thursday: Scaly Scouting: Lyall reluctantly teams up with Zevran to dragon-hunt

Week 89
~Tuesday: California Girl vs Ice: Lyall and Molly on ice

Week 93
~Sunday: Let's do the Time Warp again...: Kaidan has some news about timelines and craziness

Week 97/98
~Traveling: The Search: Lyall standing watch over the camp and being frustrated by suits

Week 99
~Return: Crashing the Resurrection Party: Kaidan shows up at the ship as people are coming back from dying

100 years in the past
~Salvation: Please don't drive eighty eight: Right after coming through to the past
~Open: Please don't drive eighty eight: Doing some investigating

Previous routine: Hunting + exploring + paperwork at night, Kaidan + Vault during the day, occasionally helping out the militia in the evenings
New routine: Night shifts at the library seven days a week, hunting afterwards, exploring subway tunnels during daylight hours when he's not sleeping


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