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Name: Randall Lyall
Reincarnation Of: Randolph Lyall
Canon: Parasol Protectorate
Age: 300+ / 34
Appearance: Played by Peter Davidson
Current Occupation: Part time tutoring employment in Germany
Current Condition: Unhappy but determined, also nocturnal

Full Application: From werewolf to teacher and then back again.

~Sunlight and Sense of Smell: Brought on by finding an empty journal much like one he used to carry, a memento of an old lover, Lyall finds sunlight to be uncomfortable on his skin-- it produces a slight buzzing sensation-- and has a slightly heightened sense of smell. He also remembers the name "Sandy", but cannot for the life of him remember from where.
~Sense of Smell: Brought on by interaction with a Vermini, all of Lyall's supernatural sense of smell has been returned.
~Rescue Memories: Brought on by interacting with Paul before his death, and then witnessing his death, Lyall remembered the events leading up to the rescue of Biffy in his canon, and from that regained a variety of unconscious investigative skills and the will to use them.
~Memory of the Woolsey Castle Ghost: Brought on by Hajime's magical disappearing belt, a memory of seeing the Woolsey Castle ghost appear in front of him and briefly discussing something BUR-official-related with her
~Old Blood: Brought on by touching the second snake pillar in the Dead District, Lyall's blood turns to werewolf blood. He gains a very slight healing ability (only enough to process the changed blood and not keel over), a lowered body temperature (dropped by 10F or thereabouts), and the inability to process complex carbohydrates (i.e. chocolate, candy, processed corn syrup).
~Memory of Lord Akeldama: Brought on by a conversation with Fay where he mentions wanting to taste blood. He remembers first meeting a girly blonde fellow much like Fay who calls him a "darling puppy".
~Airsickness: Brought on by a trip in Chris's rented airplane. Werewolves get terribly airsick when they try to float/fly/move above the ground. So now so does Lyall!
~Sheep and family: Brought on by interaction with Detective Sherman and his sheep scent. He remembers helping with sheep birthing and care, with a family that is decidedly not his Iowan family, in someplace that is decidedly not Iowa. He may figure out eventually that it's the Scottish Highlands, but hasn't made the connection yet.
~A hunt: Brought on by Aaron's first mention of werewolves on the network, Lyall remembers being a wolf and hunting with the pack.
~Major Channing: Brought on by meeting Casval face to face, the memory of standing in front of a bunch of soldiers, in the buff, with Gamma werewolf Major Channing Channing of the Chesterfield Channings (yes, that is actually his name) and wearily introducing him to his new Alpha female, Alexia Maccon. There is the sense with it that they just had an altercation of some sort, and the knowledge that Channing has been: 1, a good man to have at his back, 2, extremely annoying, and 3, slightly dangerous, all at the same time.
~Healing: Brought on by interaction with the "werewolves", or mutant dog police, only a sliver of his healing ability is currently active: broken bones will heal in about a day, instead of over several weeks/months.
~Alpha fight: Brought on by lingering in the presence of three statues too long, Lyall relived the memory of watching the battle between his former Alpha and his current Alpha, and the former Alpha's death; this comes with a sense of fear and anger at the former Alpha, worry about his plan not succeeding (he doesn't get any memory of that this plan is, except that it culminated in bringing this new wolf to fight the old wolf), and finally satisfaction when the abusive Alpha dies at the teeth of Conall Maccon. The memory ends as he begins to introduce himself to Conall as his new Beta.
~Biffy in danger: Brought on by Anthony being hurt while on the mine-exploring Numbers Club field trip, Lyall remembers Biffy being shot while he and Conall were trying rescue him, and the certainty that he would die if not turned by Conall.
~Vampire smell: When Anthony gets his first zombification and Lyall smells and touches him, Lyall suddenly "remembers" the smell of a vampire, which is very similar to the smell of a zombie.
~Full moon shifting: As of the meeting with the Sage of the Earth, Lyall now is forced to shift into wolf form every full moon. His first bone-bender occurs on June 23rd.
~Ancient Egyptian: Not so much understanding, but recognizing: Lyall now knows what Egyptian from several different centuries sounds like, thanks to Bakura's cursing in Egyptian in front of him and his canon self being fairly familiar with the language through Alessandro and studies of werewolf history.
~Alessandro's journal: During an attempt to catch a vermini, this appeared in place of the blank one he bought. It is mostly empty.
~Further bone healing: An attack on Lyall's house by a mutated fellow teacher resulted in Lyall's healing ability, regarding his bones, to accelerate. He now heals within a couple hours instead of a day. This does not affect cuts and bruises.
~His biting memory: From visiting the mines a second time and running into a vermedi there, Lyall remembers when other-him was first bitten and turned into a werewolf.
~English accent: His first conversation and handshake with a fellow werewolf, who also had an English accent, brought back his. It was delayed to appear at his return to the city after a trip to help his parents.
~Sense of Hearing: When he tracked the quiet buzzing to the Turning Towers, upon his return to the city, Lyall was "blessed" with the whole of his werewolf sense of hearing. Now everything seems ten times as loud and he has trouble sorting it all out.
~The Octomaton: The memory of fighting a giant metal monster, the octomaton from Heartless, to a standstill with a whole pack of fellow werewolves. He doesn't have his mind at the time, as it's a full moon night, but the memory is still there (if hazy). The memory lasts from shortly before sunrise to shortly after, when he's forced back into human form and drags himself into action to organize the exhausted pack and get the youngest pack member out of the sun. This also grants the knowledge that sunlight is dangerous to some werewolves, but not himself. It ends before Alexia comes to join them.
~Clavigers: While discussing guardians for his and Reilanin's werewolf selves, Lyall received the word "claviger" and the knowledge of all it entailed: protection, patronage, and a chance to be turned into a werewolf, balanced by keeping watch over and containing the wolf on the full moon.
~Sundowner bullets: Richard jokingly suggested he use silver bullets on Lyall, and Lyall remembered sundowner bullets, made from hard wood and silver, and that silver in particular is dangerous to werewovles.
~Fighting with Soul: When Hajime let him and Reilanin out of their respective cages on the full moon, Lyall was granted part of the ability to keep his mind while in wolf form. This is only partially in effect, and only functions when he is changed willfully (i.e. not at the full moon), and not when he's nervous, injured, angry, hungry, or in combat. He cannot use it at all at this point, since he only changes on the full moon.
~Experience: When running into the snake statues in the subway, Lyall remembered his true age, and that he has three hundred some-odd years of experience behind him. While he cannot access it directly at this point, it gives him some measure of confidence and keeps him more level-headed in tense situations.
~Silver handcuffs: When cuffed by the police, Lyall remembered being cuffed with silver manacles and led down to a medieval style dungeon to be locked away for the full moon. The memory lasts from the cuffing to the cell door closing behind him, the cuffs burn against his skin where they brush it beyond the cuffs of his sleeves, and the emotion involved is fear. (This is from a very early change, when he still needed manacles and did not have the control he has in canon.)
~Preternaturals: Ivy Tunstell's arrival on the network, accompanied by a parasol and mentions of the soulless, allows Lyall to remember what a soulless is! He got the knowledge of a soulless's proper name (preternatural), what they can do (block the abilities of a werewolf or vampire and exorcise a ghost), about their general information (that they are rare, that they always breed true, and that they cannot share the same air), and that he knew two of them (just a sense of familiarity, respect for one, and the ache of old grief for the other).
~Biffy's rescue, part three: When Ivy tells him about bringing a wolf-formed Biffy to her house, Lyall remembers that same scene, from arriving at Ivy's house, through Biffy changing back to human form at sunrise, to trying to explain (badly) what happened to Biffy.
~Glassicals: For Christmas, the Earth gave Lyall back his glassicals-- or, more accurately, his monocular cross-magnification lenses with spectra-modifier attachment, which resemble a cross between binoculars and opera glasses. He hasn't entirely gotten the use of them down yet, but they seem useful, anyway.
~Ivy Tunstell nee Hisselpenny: Meeting Granny Ivy in person reminds Lyall of who Ivy was, in her past life, making him quite surprised to see an old woman instead of a young lady.
~Conall Maccon (Tier 2): When Ivy lists all the things she's remembered so far, Lyall remembers both who Conall Maccon is (name, personality, rank, and some of his past and social life) as well as what he did to entice him to abandon his own pack in Scotland and move to his pack in London. The latter came with a confusing welter of emotions-- sadness, grief, anger, desperation-- but no why.
~Wolf-shifting at will: When the snakes attack Elian's house for the discussion gathering, the threat echoes Lyall back his ability to change into a wolf outside of the full moon. He has very little control over himself, still.
~Human prey: Biting Nick while in wolf form gives Lyall back his taste for human flesh, mostly when he is injured and needs to restore himself, but people now smell generally tasty.
~Further regeneration: As a result of Melissa shooting him while in wolf form, Lyall has another sliver of his supernatural healing ability. Now cuts and bruises heal within a day, and bad cuts (and gunshot wounds) heal within a few days.
~Knowledge of werewolf control: Hajime asks if he knows anything about werewolves and changing before the full moon, and Lyall remembers explaining that very problem to Biffy several nights before his first full moon, when he has to be locked up, as well. He recalls why it happens and what it will take to stop doing it: self-acceptance and self-control.
~Tunstell the claviger: Ivy Curry tells him of Tunstell and that he was a claviger, and Lyall remembers him standing up to the pack Gamma to protect Alexia Maccon, and then Lyall himself in wolf form intervening before "punishment" for doing so can be adminstered.
~Conall drunk: Half-carrying a drunken Arthur to his car and driving him home, Lyall was hit with the memory of supporting an equally drunken, singing, and even larger Alpha werewolf from bathroom to bedroom, and said werewolf going wolf halfway there.
~Further werewolf control: As a result of coming in proximity to Wise Snake's rampage, Lyall can now keep his mind while in wolf form, as long as he is not actively fighting. If he has to fight something, he will still go into full moon-mad mode, but he'll be able to shake himself out of it again if he manages to exert some willpower. This does not affect full moon changes, or near-full-moon changes.
~Waistcoat of holding: Not actually a magical object. This tastefully understated, brown pinstripe Victorian waistcoat has a myriad of little pockets inside, perfect for carrying small odds and ends if one wishes to be prepared for all occasions. Lyall received it in response to seeing a video of the pink light in Las Vegas on the news.
~Alessandro's journal: After running into the mirror monster of Bakura, more entries are filled in, in his journal from Alessandro. Most of them continue on the same track as the original: descriptions of social events and outfits. One entry will mention a trip to Egypt, but not what it is about. Another, very late in the journal, will mention seeing "him" with a bruised face and worrying for him.
~Cravat familiarity: Though he doesn't actually have one yet, watching the alien interview on television returned the habitual desire to wear a cravat. Lyall isn't even entirely sure what it is, just yet, only that his neck feels particularly exposed....
~Randolph: When meeting the alien Geoff, Lyall found himself wanting to use the name "Randolph" instead of "Randall" to refer to himself. Annoying!
~Increased shifting control: When hit by the first blackout, Lyall gained further control over his werewolf self. He no longer has to spend three to four nights a month locked up-- only the full moon itself-- and has full control over himself no matter what the emotion. He still can't physically fight as a wolf without losing himself, but everything else is do-able.
~Nocturnal: After using the teleporter for the first time to get to Las Vegas, Lyall's sleeping habits have reversed: he now prefers to sleep during the day (afternoons, specifically) and be up all night.
~Anibus form: Upon seeing the cultist's symbols for the first time, Lyall recalled Biffy gaining Anubis (wolf-head only) form. He has no knowledge of what this means, except that at the time he was amazed that it had happened at all, let alone so soon, and that it was the answer to a variety of unspecified problems.
~Supernatural strength and physique: Visual contact with Refined Shell returned Lyall's supernatural strength-- which is only available after dark, not during the day-- as well as his werewolf physique. The latter isn't a huge difference, his clothes still pretty much all fit, but he went from bog-standard, skinny geek to someone who had to physically work for a living before he was bitten, so the difference will be definitely noticeable.
~More Journal Entries: On Christmas, when two new locations join the former three, Lyall's journal gains three more entries which do not share the Christmas cheer. These are much clearer about the person being written about being abused, and includes the final entry where the writer says he's going to do something about it, despite being told not to, including the words "I am better at fighting than loving."
~Alessandro's death (Tier 2): When Nick temporarily dies on Lyall's couch he regains the memory of seeing Alessandro (his former self's long-term boyfriend) dead at the hands (or rather, teeth) of his former Alpha. This cascades into remembering exactly why he disposed of said Alpha, though it comes in pieces as the poor boy is trying to revive Nick.

Returned Supernatural Abilities:
~Sense of Smell: Lyall's sense of smell is much, much keener than that of a normal human's, though he is learning to sort through it all, slowly but surely.
~Sense of Hearing: This came on him all at once, and now Lyall is capable of hearing at multiple times his human level. This makes living in a metropolis difficult.
~Healing: Only part of his healing ability is currently active: broken bones will heal in a couple hours, instead of over several weeks/months. Minor to moderate cuts and bruises heal within a day, and bad cuts and gunshot wounds heal within a few days.
~Full moon shape-shifting: As of the meeting with the Sage of the Earth, Lyall now is forced to shift into wolf form every full moon, and he will lose his mind to the hunting urge for the duration of the night. He will not have any of the speed and strength abilities to go with it. Due to that limited healing ability, he will also be out of commission for an hour or two after changing and changing back.
~Fighting with Soul: The ability to keep his mind while in wolf form. This is only partially in effect, and only functions when he is changed willfully (i.e. not at the full moon), and not when he is in combat. He can be returned to himself after combat if he exerts willpower, however, or has particular reason to do so, such as being in the presence of someone he knows well and does not want to hurt.
~Experience: Lyall has three hundred some-odd years of experience behind him, which, while he cannot access it directly at this point, gives him some measure of confidence and keeps him level-headed in tense situations.
~Shape-shifting at will: So long as the sun is down, Lyall has the ability to change into a wolf outside of the full moon. He has quite a bit of control over himself, now, but still can't actually, physically fight without losing himself.
~Supernatural Strength: After dark, Lyall is now much stronger than a normal, mortal human, able to toss small pieces of furniture and rather easily break down your standard doors, not to mention lift people without too much difficulty.

Returned Items
~Alessandro's Journal: At the start, it will mostly be blank as well, with only a few entries in it at this time. Most are fairly early on and revealing nothing particularly incriminating (clothing choices, trips to the theater, and a record of a conversation with a friend about a pair of socialite ladies of their acquaintance). The entries and book will be dated. Two thus far of interest are a mention of a trip to Egypt, though with no further context, and an entry later in the journal about seeing "him" with a bruised face and worrying about him, expanded upon in three more entries at Christmas (2014) making the abuses much more clear though not who they were done by, ending with the final entry where the writer decides to do something about it.
~Glassicals: For Christmas (2013), the Earth gave Lyall back his glassicals-- or, more accurately, his monocular cross-magnification lenses with spectra-modifier attachment, which resemble a cross between binoculars and opera glasses. He hasn't entirely gotten the use of them down yet, but they seem useful, anyway.
~Waistcoat of holding: Not actually a magical object. This tastefully understated, brown pinstripe Victorian waistcoat has a myriad of little pockets inside, perfect for carrying small odds and ends if one wishes to be prepared for all occasions.

April, 2013
~April 1: 1st Howl [Text]: Lyall accidentally posts his lecture notes on the network
~April 1: ᴏɴᴇ. [ video; later afternoon ]: Captain Mass's query for information
~April 1: Comparing Notes. Literal Notes, Even. [CLOSED]: Lyall meets Fenn/Fai to discuss the networking issue
~April 2: [Closed]: After class with Bakura
~April 2: First Message [Audio | Cell Phone]: Anthony Janvier, another student, shows up on the network
~April 2: 1st Scream [Text; from home desktop computer]: Chris/Starscream's request for information
~April 3: text + images [laptop]: Coral Peixes has photos of mutated crows
~April 3: 01 [ action/handwritten, notebook paper ]: Robb tries to find homes for puppies
~April 3: 01 | Action: Checking out Hajime's blood under the microscope
~April 3: 001 — handwritten [scrap] & action.: Banagher, a former student, rambles on the back of a library card
~April 4: 3rd Howl | [Log/Action] [OPEN]: Meeting Chris at the museum, and hunting space-bugs
~April 5: Two Parter-Visual, on a reflective surface, 19:04: Paul Ben's desperate video after being kidnapped
~April 5: (1) Computer Text Freakout: Davin Carter/The Psionic freaks out via text about Paul
~April 6: 2nd Cut -- [Visual - reflective surface] -- [around 7:00am]: Jack is captured and reaches out for information
~April 6: network [webcam]: Fay's comments about the secrecy of the network
~April 6: 4th Howl [Private Network Messages]: Lyall summons his students
~April 6: 5th Howl [Action]: The meeting of students and post-students
~April 9: [Text | Smartphone]: Bakura calls them "grues"
~April 10: text | desktop computer: Chris offers people to go flying
~April 11: Action / Semi open: Lyall investigates the second snake statue an rescues Bakura from breaking his hand
~April 11: action ❀ we are in no way, shape, or form in the romance section (open): While looking for snake-related books, Lyall runs into former student Toshizou Hijikata
~April 12: 6th Howl [Text/Friday early morning]: Lyall texts about the second statue
~April 12: Third Message [Audio | Cell Phone]: Anthony worries about their purpose
~April 13: A wing and a prayer: Chris takes Lyall, Bakura, and Julien flying
~April 15: [Texted]: Julien with his ideas for what to call the visions and "extras"
~April 15: (no subject): Jason Sherman drops by to visit Lyall
~April 15: 01: Lyall picks up a new furry friend
~April 15: [text]: Euphemia wants a database, Lyall wonders what to put there
~April 16: 001 - [Computer, Text]: Sano thinks it's mass hysteria, Lyall disagrees
~April 16: 7th Howl [Text, Tuesday morning before school]: Lyall warns about the Detective and asks about the statue
~April 16: [video]: Elizabeth Victoria Bishop (Euphemia) introduces herself, and Lyall does, back
~April 16: [closed] two, two, two logs in one!: Lyall and Romsca visit Aaron
~April 16: two | voice: Aaron/Aragorn posts about werewolves, Lyall reacts
~April 16: [Text + Image | Smartphone] (Backdated just a touch to be still daylight): Bakura finds his camera gone and place trashed, Lyall meets him outside to make sure he wasn't followed
~April 17: [ video/iPhone ]: Kotetsu announces he's a cop and invites people to meet him in person; Lyall goes, of course
~April 17: 1 - handwriting: Mordin asks about Echoes, Lyall gives his, and his name
~April 17: 8th Howl [Text, Thursday evening]: Lyall pronounces Kotetsu probably safe
~April 18: ғᴏᴜʀ. [ video; reflected off a mirror in his room, late evening ]: Casval says he's going hunting, Lyall offers to be the tracker
~April 18: text;: Chris/Starscream reminds Lyall about the farms and his planned visit, and says she's going to tear the statue down
~April 20: three | voice: Aaron/Aragorn reminds people that not killing is generally best
~April 20: 9th Howl [Action, Saturday morning, CLOSED]: A trip out to the farms
~April 21: ғɪᴠᴇ. [ action; Dead District, Sunday evening ]: The mingling thread for the werewolf hunt
~April 21: ғɪᴠᴇ. [ action; Dead District, Sunday evening ]: The werewolf hunt, Omega group
~April 25: text; laptop: Chris/Starscream wants to tear down the statue
~April 26: 10th Howl [Action, Friday all day, OPEN to anyone at Locke High]: Romsca gets a field trip to the high school!
~April 27: text, computer.: Saitou Hajime's network info post
~April 27: [open] Tear it down. Tear it ALL down (snake teardown thread): Lyall comes to play nose for the tear-down-ers
~April 28: 4th Cut -- [Audio | Cellphone]: Jack's drunken rant, Lyall's practical concern
~April 29: 001 [Text: Computer]: Kurt Waggoner appears on the network, Lyall tells him homework is important

May, 2013
~May 1: sᴇᴠᴇɴ. [ text; ??? ]: Casval's musings about inhumanity
~May 2: [Audio]: Hajime Aikawa is frustrated with lack of useful echoes
~May 7: 002 — audio. [iphone]: Banagher's hearing howling, Lyall replies the next morning
~May 7: the "p" doesn't stand for pretentious, FYI. [art gallery, may 6th—??? ]: Visiting the museum statues, Bakura's open comment
~May 7: the "p" doesn't stand for pretentious, FYI. [art gallery, may 6th—??? ]: Visiting the museum statues, Chris/Starscream and Elian's open comment
~May 7: the "p" doesn't stand for pretentious, FYI. [art gallery, may 6th—??? ]: Visiting the museum statues, Rei's open comment
~May 7: the "p" doesn't stand for pretentious, FYI. [art gallery, may 6th—??? ]: Visiting the museum statues, Julien's open comment
~May 7: the "p" doesn't stand for pretentious, FYI. [art gallery, may 6th—??? ]: Visiting the museum statues, Aaron/Aragorn's open comment
~May 7: the "p" doesn't stand for pretentious, FYI. [art gallery, may 6th—??? ]: Visiting the museum statues, Fay/Fai's open comment
~May 8: the "p" doesn't stand for pretentious, FYI. [art gallery, may 6th—??? ]: Visiting the museum statues, Toushirou's open comment
~May 8: A Haunting [Action, Backdated to May 8th night, CLOSED]: Lyall dreams about someone failing to save the Earth, Romsca is concerned
~May 9: [Text | Smartphone]: Bakura wants to test... something
~May 10: [Text, Friday afternoon]: Lyall posts about the statues, the forum, and the hauntings
~May 10: Entry 002 | Web cam: Aeron/Arthur wants a meeting for all the network users, Lyall is a little leery
~May 11: [Texted]: Julien has bad feelings about being recruited at eight, Lyall worries
~May 11: [Audio]: A week later, Lyall comes by to try out Japanese garlic
~May 13: 2nd Frost | Text (Laptop): Toushirou is haunted, Lyall weighs in
~May 14: 1. Voice. Cellphone.: Karl/Richard/Kratos discovers the network, Lyall recognizes him
~May 19: ( 001: text/smartphone): Kyouya Hibari is worried about a bird
~May 20: 13th Howl: The After School Numbers Club [Action at the high school]: Lyall's first ever school club, for network kids only
~May 23: 003 Text | Computer: Kurt's findings about the coal mine
~May 24: Visual/Wet bathroom tiles: Renji Abarai the janitor arrives on the network, Lyall investigates
~May 30: Video: Fay/Fai is a vampire now, and Lyall is concerned
~May 31: 14th Howl: Cave Shenanigans [Action]: Lyall and the kids go mine exploring

June, 2013
~June 7: [Text | Smartphone]: Bakura invites the kids out for arcades and taunts Lyall about his age
~June 8: Sixth Message [Text | Cell Phone]: Anthony has changed, and he panics
~June 10: 15th Howl: The After School Numbers Club, Finals Week Edition [Action]: The last week of the Numbers Club before summer (and summer school)
~June 11: [Action]: Lyall and Julien have a lunch date
~June 11: [text | desktop | posted at some ungodly hour] finals suck hi hi hi: Sleep-deprived Chris wants to visit the mine
~June 15: SAGE PARTY GO: The Sage of the Earth speaks... and then there's a trap with lots of bad guys
~June 17: [Text | Smartphone]: Bakura is leaving and wants help remembering himself when he does
~June 18: voice; webcam: Chris shows up on video apologizing, Lyall is sympathetic
~June 21: [ phone audio, friday morning ]: Kallie suggests people visit the Streaking Summer event at LCU
~June 24: 16th Howl [Audio, Midday Monday the 24th]: Lyall's post-werewolfing announcement and request
~June 28: (no subject): Lyall and Alex go to the movies, and see a vermini-critter

July, 2013
~July 2: [Text | Smartphone]: Bakura returns from Japan!
~July 14: 2. text. cellphone.: Richard's back in the city, Lyall fills him in on the major events
~July 15: [Video]: Julien's eyes go wonky and he freaks out
~July 19: 04 | [Video]: Hajime changes into the Joker for the first time
~July 20: [Text | computer]: Ravi wants to know about vermini, Lyall offers his knowledge
~July 21: episode 02 [Video | Smartphone]: Thomas/Nobuo is back and Lyall informs him of a network fact
~July 22: 17th Howl [Action | Closed | Backdated to July 22]: Lyall's second full moon
~July 23: don't you know, in the end?: Kallie/Lightning comes to visit
~July 24: [text; handwritten]: Alex calls to see how he's doing after the full moon
~July 29: 18th Howl: After School Numbers Club, Summer School Edition [Action | Open]: Last summer school ASNC group and a bit of plot to bite
~July 29: [ action; backdated to monday afternoon, locked to lyall (and lyall's roomies if they want in!) ]: Stella/Romsca returns!
~July 30: 19th Howl [Audio | Tuesday afternoon]: Lyall and Hajime fight off an English teacher. Sort of.

August, 2013
~August 2: 06 | Action, Open: Lyall and Hajime at the mall, under the influence of echo-giggles
~August 4: [bathroom mirror "video"]: Kallie's been through hell, Lyall is worried about her
~August 19: 20th Howl [Audio | Monday Evening]: Lyall returns from a two week vacation!
~August 19 Handwritten;: Another excursion into the mine is planned
~August 21: 20.5th Howl: Third Full Moon [Action | Closed, Backdated to 8/22] This full moon is a little different from the last two....
~August 26: [Text]: Bakura asks who's gotten a name for "other me".
~August 26: 21st Howl: After School Numbers Club, Back to School Edition [Action]: Just like the title says.
~August 30: Below the mineshaft roads, it will all unfold;: Lyall in the mine. Again.

September 2013
~September 9: ii. [handwritten]: A friend returns!
~September 9: [Closed] Conference: Lyall meets a fellow werewolf at the library
~September 13: (no subject): Lyall in response to Alex's announcement at the monster movie night
~September 13: (no subject): Lyall at the monster movie night

October 2013
~October 5: [General Log] Tuning Towers, Sept. 22 onward.: Lyall at the Towers, getting his hearing amplified
~October 5: 22nd Howl [Text, computer] | October 5, late evening: Lyall's network return
~October 7: Bakura's no good very bad horrible day: Bakura has a breakdown, Lyall is called to help
~October 8: Safe Public Servants [Text]: Wally West asks for safe public servants, Lyall responds
~October 9: in the spirit of halloween; OPEN: Alex turns into a bat, Lyall tracks him by scent
~October 9: [Texted]: Julien has found Alex the bat, Lyall points out what he smelled like
~October 13: 09 | Audio: Hajime has a terrible shirt, Lyall is concerned that it's something more
~October 13: 23rd Howl | Backdated [CLOSED]: Richard and Lyall do some investigating
~October 16: [Text]: Naomi offers scientific collaboration, Lyall is all about that
~October 16: [Texted/Open Action]: Lyall visits Julien's bird house, and they run into trouble
~October 16: 24th Howl [Audio] Backdated to Wednesday evening: Important PSA about snakes
~October 20: text - computer: Rebecca St. Clair talking about the people zoning out
~October 21: [ phone audio ]: Kallie is concerned about leaving and/or her pink hair
~October 21: [private text; Randolph Lyall]: Reilanin needs some help with an echo
~October 21: Why'd it have to be snakes? [closed log]: A snake-hunting log
~October 22: Thirteenth Message [Video | Sheet of Paper]: Anthony's having a brief meltdown, Lyall panicks a little at him

November 2013
~October Something: [Closed]: Lyall and Naomi talk lab equipment
~October 31: Video | I lift my glass to the Awful Truth: Fay can't get drunk, Lyall is amused
~November 1: 8th Frost | Video (Locked to his closer CR.): Toushirou asks for a roll call, Lyall is confused
~November 5: 11 | [Video]: Hajima gets a photo
~November 5: text;: Chris wants vengeance, Lyall carefully does not mention it
~November 7: [Closed]: Bakura needs to talk some things out
~November 8: 5. Voice. Cellphone.: Richard wants to know about plastic
~November 11: [closed]: Lyall and Nick have a chat at the high school
~November 12: [Text]: Bakura found something, Lyall frets
~November 13: 24th-and-a-half Howl | Backdated [Closed]: Lyall confronts Richard about snitching to the police
~November 17: [Network Post]: Rita has an idea about using the network to handle actual data
~November 17: 25th Howl [Action | CLOSED]: Full moon shenanigans!
~November 18: [ Text - Handwritten]: Derek howls, and Lyall hears it
~November 21: 13 | Closed: Lyall and Hajime and door-pounding
~November 23: Hunting the Subway Sculptor: Looking for David Proud, finding snake statues

December 2013
~November 23: [Closed]: Lyall and the others corner David Proud
~December 2: let's play cops and drug dealing robbers!: Lyall arrested!
~December 2: let's play cops and drug dealing robbers!: Lyall sniffed and then released!
~December 2: 26th Howl [Audio | Backdated to late Monday night]: Network post of freedom
~December 2: [Action/Handwritten]: Ravindra has a pity party, Lyall has no patience for it
~December 5: [pae | voice]: Aaron tells about the "snake" beneath the city
~December 6: text; laptop: Kotetsu+Nick posts about the police's doings lately
~December 7: [audio | scratch paper; action for lyall and/or elian]: Lyall visits Proud to ask him a few questions
~December 9: (no subject): Lyall and Stella visit Hajime at work
~December 14: [ Text - Laptop]: Bakura gets upset at Derek, Lyall attempts to intervene and explain more properly
~December 14: [text]: Ravi is looking for Alex
~December 15: text;: Chris wants to know about the longest time gotten from an echo
~December 16: 27th Howl [Audio | Monday morning]: Lyall has a PSA about Richard/Karl and also needs another claviger...
~December 17: 28th Howl [Action | Closed]: The full moon with some new friends
~December 18: first hat (text): Ivy's comments and doodle of a parasol elicits a response from Lyall
~December 21: [text, ipad]: Alex has some info, some of which Lyall already knows
~December 21: i'm not saying it's aliens: Nick and the gang investigate the farmhouse outside of town
~December 26: 04; video --> text: Stella likes her new bed, Lyall is pleased

January 2014
~December 21: video; iPhone - backdated to the 21st: Kotetsu has a Christmas present!
~December 26: 04; video --> text: Stella has a visitor, Lyall lets him in
~December 30: 17 | Superhero Time: Lyall comes across Hajime styling as a kitten-rescuing super-hero
~January 3: [closed]: Cooking with a vampire
~January 3: [Text]: Bakura returns with News about his grandmother
~January 2: second hat | action: Lyall meets Ivy in person and is surprised
~January 6: 05; text: Stella ruminates about morality and killing
~January 6: 29th Howl [Action | Open ]: Back to school: open log
~January 6: [text, handwritten]: Lyall finds out another fellow teacher is on the network
~January 7: Nineteenth Message [Text -> Video | Sheet of Paper]: Anthony wants opinions on the past lives theory
~January 8: video via numbers scratched into the asphalt of an alley; backdated to jan 8th: Kotetsu needs a little help, Lyall is willing but unsure if it'll do much good
~January 10: 6. Video. Laptop.: Richard (now Karl) comes forward on the network
~January 15: showtime #006: video: Mac has a problem with all the murder-approval, Lyall agrees most firmly
~January 21: text; forward dated to 1/21: Nick is back on the network
~January 25: town meeting, alien breaking hoa rules: Lyall bugs the host (Elian)
~January 25: town meeting, alien breaking hoa rules: Snakes attack, Lyall goes wolf

February 2014
~January 27: [Text]: Bakura wonders about echoes and wants a check-in
~January 28: 06; text + action, partially closed;: Stella and Arthur get very drunk, Lyall comes to pick them up
~February 10: [closed] coffee is good for the soul: Lyall, Karl, and Nick get together for lunch in Lyall's classroom
~February 12: 30th Howl [Action | Open | Backdated to 2/12]: Lyall changes outside the full moon and gets loose
~February 13: 31st Howl [Audio | Backdated to morning, February 13]: Network post of dewolfing
~February 13: Video: Sam/Sadau reporting a werewolf, Lyall replying the next morning apologizing
~February 17: 02 ♦ Video: Teagan/Thranduil is missing his dogs, and Lyall is so very sorry for leading them off
~February 20: [open] wheel of morality turn turn turn: Lyall drops by Karl for lunch and is surprised by his mood

March 2014
~March 9: PLOT: WISE SNAKE'S EMERGENCE: Lyall pre-nightfall doing search and rescue
~March 9: PLOT: WISE SNAKE'S EMERGENCE: Lyall after nightfall doing wolfish search and rescue
~March 9: PLOT: WISE SNAKE'S EMERGENCE: Lyall and Nick find and pull out Jovan
~March 10: [Voice]: Julien needs a ride out of town, Lyall offers the next morning
~March 10: Forward dated to the 10th at around 9am, private texts: Bakura wants check-ins
~March 10: voice; iPhone; March 9; evening: Lyall replies to the text in the morning
~March 10: 22 | [Voice] Post-Snake Recovery: Hajime's checking in, Lyall worried about his mother's worry
~March 16: [Audio]: Julien has supernatural hearing and has been directed to bother Lyall about it
~March 16: fouth hat | video: Ivy wants to put on a show, Lyall is less than thrilled
~March 17: text; computer: Nick has an update on the police situation, and Lyall frets about it
~March 17 - 21: 32nd Howl [Action | OPEN]: Lyall catch-all for the week, plus some wolfishness
~March 19: [ phone audio ]: Lightning reminds people that it isn't over yet
~March 22: [Video]: Julien's re-emergence on video, as a bird-man
~March 25: video;: Dante/Gabriel wonders if this is all hallucination
~March 25: [Text]: Bakura needs to talk

April 2014
March 30: (no subject): Lyall and Bakura's mirror monster
April 6: two. video.: The Hatter wants to know how people reconcile their two selves
April 9: 33rd Howl: Some Heads Up-Ness [CLOSED]: Lyall gets in touch with a few people about spring break plans
April 12: definitely not a double date: Nick, Melissa, Karl, and Lyall having dinner together
April 13: 34th Howl | April 13th, early-ish morning [Audio]: Lyall asks the network's thoughts on the aliens
April 13 - 17: 35th Howl: Poorly Timed Vacationing [Closed]: Lyall, Nick, and Hajime on vacation
April 18: Results of the vacationing
April 20: [Text]: Naomi wants to know their purpose
April 24: [handwritten]: Elian returns, Lyall greets him
April 28: video [late afternoon]: Mordin has managed to dissect some vermini, Lyall is understandably fascinated

May 2014
~April 30: Ding dong the wicked cops are gone: Nick and Lyall at the celebration for Sherman being locked away
~April 30: Ding dong the wicked cops are gone: Lyall's open comment at the celebration for Sherman being locked away
~April 30: Ding dong the wicked cops are gone: Torin at the celebration for Sherman being locked away
~April 30: Ding dong the wicked cops are gone: Ravindra at the celebration for Sherman being locked away
~May 1: Video: Marisa tells the group Bakura is gone
~May 8: {3rd Flower; Video}: Rapunzel is worried about the murder... so's Lyall
~May 9: The Piano Has Been Drinking [May 9, Open]: L opens a coffee shop, Lyall stops by after school
~May 14-16: this time it is that kind of vacation: Lyall and Nick's next full moon excursion
~May 17: 36th Howl | backdated to April 17th, evening [Audio]: Lyall (finally) gives the results of his trips away
~May 21: 9. Voice. Cellphone.: Karl returns, Lyall is relieved (if a bit sad)
~May 28: handwritten.: A students wants out of school.

June 2014
~May 31: 6th ♒ text: Eriden has a question about returned powers, and calls people freaks
~June 2: 37th Howl | Monday, June 2 [OPEN]: Lyall during the last week of school, thinking about aliens
~June 3: Second Bite [Voice]: Somebody's found out they're a vampire and needs blood
~June 3: [Video, Backdated to June 3]: Hajime got aboard the spaceship, Lyall has questions
~June 3: Plot: Come on, Locke - meet a visiting spaceman.: Lyall comes to meet Geoff, the visiting charismatic alien
~June 8: 38th Howl | Sunday, June 8 [CLOSED]: Lyall and Nick discuss aliens and mortalifying
~June 14: 16th Frost | Voice: Toushirou asks if anyone else sees the ghosts outside the blackout zones
~June 17: [Open]: Bro Strider/Richard Stroud drops his books, Lyall helps him collect them
~June 24: 10. Video. Laptop.: Karl asks about immortality while sporting a big black eye
~June 26: Seventy-Ninth Message [Video | Sheet of Paper]: Anthony brings news of a couple people missing and a small anniversary

August 2014
~August 4: Text / Computer: Umbrael has size issues, Lyall has advice
~August 4: 39th Howl | Monday, August 4 [Audio]: Lyall's back from a month of summer school and training
~August 4: (no subject): Lyall and Nick reunion
~August 15: 40th Howl | Friday, August 14 [Audio]: Lyall suggests going public to counteract some of the nasty rumors
~August 16: [Closed] Secret Passages?: Anthony and a handful of others explore the new cathedral
~August 19: [OPEN] Can I get extra sprinkles with that: One of the aliens is handing out free ice cream, Lyall is puzzled by it
~August 19: 41st Howl | News at 7 [Semi-Closed]: Lyall and a handful of others go public on the evening news
~August 25: 42nd Howl | Backdated to August 25, morning [Text]: Lyall announces his teacher status termination
~August 25: 007 | Video: Hamel has an issue with the aliens, Lyall agrees
~August 29: [Video]: Arthur has found something in Las Vegas, Lyall is alarmed by it

September 2014
~September 2: [Video] We interrupt this program to bring you a special message: Robyn is kidnapped, Lyall is alarmed but tries to be soothing
~September 2: Voice: Danielle urges no rescue attempts
~September 7: (no subject): Nick has something to fess up
~September 12: [Video/Open for backdated action]: Lyall drops by Robyn's house to deliver a note, wolf-formed
~September 25: Fourth Shot | Text: Lyall explains why he stays in Locke
~September 26: PLOT: Refined Shell battle!: Lyall attempting to rescue people and getting super strength in the process
~September 26: PLOT: Refined Shell battle!: Lyall and Nick after things die down
~September 26: PLOT: Refined Shell battle!: Lyall and Anthony after things die down

October 2014
~October 9: [Video]: Torin wants to test things, Lyall wants to help
~October 9: 43rd Howl | Full Moon [CLOSED]: Lyall's first change since the strength change
~October 11: [open] Welcome to the home of tradition and progress!: Lyall at the welcoming party in Germany
~October 11: [open] Welcome to the home of tradition and progress!: Lyall meets Mrs. Kaufmann, the mayor
~October 11: [open] Welcome to the home of tradition and progress!: Lyall visits with Rose Bonbright
~October 11: [open] Welcome to the home of tradition and progress!: Lyall visits with Toushirou
~October 15: 44th Howl | Walking the Dog [Backdated, CLOSED]: Lyall and Robyn in the park, with a very large dog
~October 19: [Video]: Hajime suggests a group for monsters, Lyall counts himself in
~October 22: 45th Howl | Talking is Important [CLOSED]: Lyall corners Nick to talk about Anthony's death
~October 24: Entry #A-14: "Antiscriptural" [Video, Forward-Dated Action to Monday 10/20]: Lyall at Anthony's funeral
~October 29-31: 45-and-a-half Howl | There Is No Werewolf Here [OPEN]: There are some consequences for being a public werewolf in Locke City
~October 29: handwritten: Elian/Vector Prime's return to the network

November 2014
~October 31: [OPEN] The monster mash: Lyall at Badri's Halloween party
~October 31: [OPEN] The monster mash: Lyall catching up with Julien at the Halloween party
~October 31: [OPEN] The monster mash: Lyall catching up with Elian at the Halloween party
~October 31: [OPEN] The monster mash: Lyall and the Las Vegas press
~November 5: 46th Howl | November 5, Handwritten [OPEN]: Writing from the city jail
~November 14: News Report | Backdated to Friday the 14th: Lyall's interview and on-camera change
~November 15: 47th Howl | Not-Wolf Hunting [Backdated]: Lyall and some friends go hunting
~November 19: Entry #B-1: "B" [November 19, Video]: L wants to blow up some bad guys, lot of people disagree
~November 25: [Voice]: Julien has a problem with a titan
~November 29: [OPEN!] Let's go to the Christmas Market!: Lyall (and Nick) in Nuremberg
~November 29: text; forward dated to two days before the date of the meeting: Lyall's response to Nick's mafia plan

December 2014
~December 1: 01 | text: Lyall greets a former student and explains the echo boundaries
~December 8: let the bodies hit the floor: Lyall goes wolf-mad and kills some mafia NPCs

January 2015
~January 5: love of mine: Nick "dies" and Lyall freaks the fuck out
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