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Professor Randolph Lyall
Parasol Protectorate
Gail, 31

Backtagging: Joining a thread that's weeks old and hasn't been tagged on in ages, not so much; keeping playing in a thread that's been going for weeks, fine! ^^
Threadhopping: Organization is good, but if it makes sense, go for it.
Fourthwalling: Depends on the offense in question, but as long as it doesn't freak my boy out too much, s'fine by me. Most likely he'll just think you're crazy.
Offensive subjects: I'm cool with most things. I'm more about how offensive subjects are handled than the subjects themselves.

Hugging this character: Go for it.
Kissing this character: He's very polite and rather old-fashioned, so he's likely to think that scandalous unless it's in private and there's some kind of commitment going on....
Flirting with this character: He might flirt back in a very understated sort of way, but he won't embarrass your character or anything.
Fighting with this character: Sure thing! Could be fun.
Killing this character: Only if he's allowed to come back physically, and it's part of a plot! Please discuss with me first.
Sex: See the bit about kissing. Very proper, unless under duress, and he requires commitment. If he actually decides he wants to sleep with someone, the mun will fade to black, as I do not rp sex scenes :)
Using telepathy or mind-reading abilities on this character: He has no defense against it, so sure thing.
Relationships: He wants to know people!
Anything that shouldn’t be mentioned near this character?: Not really, I can roll with most things ICly.
Anything else?: He's used to being highly ranked and mostly respected. He may not take it well if he's disrespected. But otherwise, he's just a little, clever wolf ^^

☓ Outer Divide Specific
Powers/Abilities: Lyall has recently gained Anubis form, which gives him the ability to turn others into werewolves if they have the quality that allows for the transformation. He will not be doing this without a lot of plotting ahead of time, and likely not without a lot of thought ahead of time, too, but he will be entirely open to doing so (especially as ship people have little risk, and will likely come back even if they die! :D ).

I will leave whether any specific individual has the right quality up to the player.


Please leave a comment here if you have a question or concern about my portrayal of the Woolsey-London Beta. Anonymous commenting is not on; if it's important to say to me, then it's important enough to come to me as a friend. I don't bite if you don't like something, I promise :)
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Professor Randolph Lyall

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