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When Lyall hears the last of the breaking bones finish aligning themselves, he opens the door and steps inside, carrying a fresh set of clothes over one arm. He gives Nick a wan smile. It's the young werewolf's second night of changing, so at least he'll know what to expect. The full moon isn't for another few days, so Lyall can be there for him when he comes to himself again, exhausted and sore. He isn't letting him sleep here in the cell at the Outer Authority station-- he'll get him back home, for that-- but at least he can offer clothes, a brief meal, and comfort.

"Welcome back to the land of the two-footed," he comments, settling down on one knee beside him. "How are you feeling?"

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Yeah, he knows what to expect, but he sure as hell isn’t anything like used to it. Not that he thought he would - Nick knows better than to expect to get used to something like this after just two changes. Look how long it took to get used to him being a Grimm, after all. He’s still not sure what this means for that now, if he’s not a Grimm anymore or if he’s that on top of being a werewolf, but he hasn’t tried too hard to figure it out yet. It’s hard enough getting used to the werewolf stuff without making it more complicated.

Still, he manages the ghost of a smirk at Lyall. “You really need to ask?” he asks dryly, managing to pull himself up into a sitting position. “I’ve been worse. Not a lot worse, but worse.”


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