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Constructive enlightenment: An intense focus that aids productivity and skill while sacrificing paying attention to anything else. (Grid, learned from Kanji)
Exorcism/spirit commanding: Communication with and command over spirits, but only for the cause of good. He prefers to do this as a request. (Purgatory)
Grace of Oracular Vision: Visions of the future, past, or present randomly interrupt whatever he's doing at the time. Usually will be of small things unless given permission by mods. (Purgatory)
Angelic racial traits: Tawny feathered wings, capable of flight, and a halo with a varying level of glow (Purgatory)
Pillar Resistance: A strong anti-magic field that nullifies spells and repells some monster types. (Questing Country)
Audiocaudal Syndrome: A virus that facilitates s. tech and leaves the sufferer with animal ears and a tail. Lyall's is that of a red fox. Includes one s. tech skill, which in this case is "pie & flowers & popcorn" (Doki Doki, "caught" from Alcuin)
Witchcraft:: The ability to predict or manipulate the weather, summon elementals or strengthen natural elemental traits, gain cryptic mystical insights, curse others, cause hallucinations, or call ghosts. Only available to Ashina and their Corvigers. While powerful and varied, withcraft can be unreliable, and drains a great deal of energy, and sometime temporary sanity, from its users. (Children of the Night)
Elemental Armor: The ability to summon an elemental of air, water, stone, fire, ice, or wood to surround and shield yourself or one individual within thirty feet in two inches of mobile elemental substance. The armor is very clumsy, and otherwise has all the traits of the natural substance. (Children of the Night)
S. Tech Mastery: Additional control over the illusion-based skill s. tech. Includes emotional weather, sparkle and glow, instant wardrobe change, abrupt makeover. (Doki Doki walkabout, taught by Varric)
Interface: (Grid, taught by Thorne)
Clockwork Tinkering: (Lightside/Darkside, taught by Tachibana)
Pogemon Form: He can now turn into a fox-like alien creature with a multitude of tails, a cravat that functions like tentacles, and very large ears. (Pogemon)
Pogmentation: Through the focusing of emotions, he can turn his pogemon form into an evolved form with more power, a soft glow, and wings. (Pogemon)
Lesser Blessing: Galen's Healing: Through the laying on of hands and the application of will, Lyall can close small wounds and cure some sicknesses. (Gifted by God!Galen/Tachibana)

Liminal Space
Portal Creation
Hammerspace I, II
Remote Portal Creation
Liminal Manipulation I, II
Teleport I
Summon Traveler

Network Archive Retrieval
Sensory livestreaming
Filter Intrusion
Sensory Eavesdropping
Psychic Detection (taught by Armin)
Psychic Bridge
Telepathic Power
Memory Sharing
Investigator Mind-Reading
Infiltrator Knowledge (taught by Daneel)
Memory Immersion
Image Protection I
Infiltrator Mind-Reading
Infiltrator Telepathy
Infiltrator Persona
Partition Mind
Dream Communication
Memory Restoration
Network Bookmarking

Favor of Judgement
Aura of Judgement
Marked Harmony

Werewolf shapeshifting streamlining: He no longer has to wait hours for his body to heal after a shapeshift.
Partial werewolf shapeshifting: Lyall can now perform partial shapeshifts into wolf form, such as eyes, teeth, tail, or even his whole head. This is not actually Anubis form. (He'll get that later.)
Anubis form: Shifting over just his head, the state in which an Alpha werewolf can metamorphose mortals into werewolves (or kill them, if it doesn't work). Comes with Alpha status on the packbond with Hajime, Tick-Tock, and Gale. Gained through Hajime's dungeon.


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