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Hello all, this is Holmes. The keeper of jerkhead muses!

I've recently changed my plurk handle. It was rather sudden, but some things went down, and I wanted a fresh start. I've already sent out the friend requests to casties as well as people who let me know they wanted to be moved over.

If I missed you then please go punch [plurk.com profile] whisperstars in the friend request button and I'll add you!
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Hey folks, Ambrose here. I know the other day Elphaba was asking after magic users to learn stuff from, but I was wondering... does anyone else want to learn magic? Who's willing to teach it? Maybe we should get together and do a big ol'... workshop? Exhibition? One of those things.

[ look he's been in the champagne a bit, it happens. ]

Basically everyone who is okay with teaching their particular stripe of magic can show what it's capable of, and anyone who wants to learn can shop around. We did this once a while ago, sorta, but I think it's time we do it again.

Canon Update PSA

Jul. 18th, 2017 12:54 am[personal profile] not_the_question posting in [community profile] synodiporia_ooc
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During this Liminal, the Doctor will be Canon Updating to post-"Lie of the Land" (S10E08).  He will be doing this via a dungeon that takes place "three-months prior" to "Lie of the Land".

So, I need to know two things:
1) will major spoilers for this episode be an issue for you OOC (I'll try to mitigate it in top-levels and threads as appropriate).

2) would your character be interested participating in a dungeon rescue?  (I'm still debating on a final number, so RNG may be used depending on how many people are interested and how many characters I want involved in the rescue.)

Some Important Follow-Up

Jul. 17th, 2017 06:16 pm[personal profile] photonicfighter posting in [community profile] synopsychic
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Excuse me. If everyone who went to Santa Carlita has a moment?

[Dakki pauses briefly to give people a chance to pay attention. That's how this is done, right?]

I've followed up with Tachibana, and it turns out that he put a tracking device on something that belonged to me. It's gone now, but apparently, the agents are now on the lookout for interdimensional aliens, not just ones from other planets.

I should have been more cautious. I'm sorry. Could the other agents confirm if they've planted anything, too, before I go and get everyone shaking themselves down for bugs?

...and that said, now that we're all back to ourselves, I'm very curious... did the 'aliens' pose any actual threat? What was that all even about? I'm not impressed with a government whose first reaction to extraterrestrial life is to panic and try to lock it up. That can't be the entire story, can it?
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What the shit was that!? I know we end up in overlays that have a lot in common with us, but that was too close! The asshole that double-crossed my overlay and his band-mates was too much like that backstabbing bastard Reiner! The people he ran off with were just like the other two traitors we had to deal with back at the Walls too!

And why was our band named Basement Dilemma!? Basement Dilemma! Is what my old man did going to start messing with me even when I'm Infiltrating now!?

Has anyone had an overlay's life be that close to their own before!? That was exactly the life I probably would've had if I was born into a normal world instead of that Titan-infested hellhole of a cage!
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So. Quick questions.

How many Witches or Wizards do we have among us? I suppose Mages count too, but that seems a less formal term to me and 'magic users’ is a bit broad considering some of what some of us can do.

I'm asking because my own magic is… unpredictable and irreversifyible in it's outcomes.

Flying monkeys were an accident.

[Which is probably one of the oddest statements to hear anyone say outside of context.]

Before anyone yells, I'm a trained Witch and well aware of the risk and dangers of magic. I went to college for it.

I don't want to invade anyone's toes when it comes to specializations within a subset of this color magic. I just… don't want to sit back and be rescued all the time like some silly damsel in impractical footwear and a tiara.

...also if anyone could bring me more of that fuzzy water in Liminal I would appreciate it.
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So I feel like I need to apologize to everyone my overlay kidnapped.

[Even if she can sort of see where D'Eath was coming from...]

I made some apology cookies... if you're okay with eating them. I get why you wouldn't be.

I swear I don't usually make a kidnapping habit.

[Oh she takes people but...]</small
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[The post opens with Jules Sensory Livestreaming Gil looking like an absolute mess. Since Jules can see through the Mask by default, well, so can anyone else watching this broadcast. It is entirely possible it looks like he's just screaming at a ~scary monster~, at least up until the point he really starts yelling.]


[Jules is also drunk thanks to falling into the champagne. You're welcome, everyone.]

Test Drive #20

Jul. 15th, 2017 11:50 pm[personal profile] powersthatbe posting in [community profile] synodiporia_ooc
Welcome to the Synodiporia Test Drive Meme! Below the cuts there are two new prompts, and here are the prompts from previous test-drives, which you’re still welcome to use in this post. When you comment, be sure you specify what prompt you want to play with, and please put up your own threadstarter—it makes for a much more friendly environment than a forest of bare toplevels! OCs are especially welcome! Please take a quick look at our Directory & familiarize yourself with the concept and setting of the game before you jump in.

Our upcoming app round runs July 16th–23rd. Our next Jaunt is Unquiet Dead, a return to the Harrogate setting a century later, where the spirits of the dead are busy haunting the living. To balance this grim setting, we’ll also have a smaller walkabout at a Dragon Hatchery, where Travelers can meet and bond with baby dragons and help keep them safe.

Prompt #53 is set in a spooky Liminal Space designed to poke Travelers in the Issues.
Prompt #54 is set in the undersea mermaid kingdom of Thalassia, in a coral city in the depths.
Prompt 53 )
Prompt 54 )

Walkabout results!

Jul. 12th, 2017 11:02 pm[personal profile] powersthatbe posting in [community profile] synodiporia_ooc
By popular demand, the walkabout accompanying Unquiet Dead will be Dragon Hatchery.

Otherwise, we're still sifting through the comments and suggestions put forth on the State of the Game, and have yet to reach firm conclusions on most things. We have definitely decided to postpone the rollout of new Favor skills until later in the summer; otherwise, we'll let you know what we've got when we've got it. Thank you all for your thoughts and feedback!


Jul. 12th, 2017 10:30 pm[personal profile] helborn posting in [community profile] synodiporia_ooc
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... I'm not traveling this time you guys, I swear. That's next month.

I'm having surgery done on my wrist on Friday, and I'm not sure how painful it'll be to do anything. I'm definitely going to be typing slower at the very least, but I've put in a hiatus from the 14th until the 21st which may be shorter or longer depending on pain and/or complications.

The surgery's not a very complicated one and it looks like recovery time is fairly quick, but my body is a mess of awful on the best of days so we'll see how this goes.

You can still grab me on Discord and Plurk and whatnot, it just might take me a while to reply. And/or typing might be just with one hand so. Yeah.

This affects:
Casper [personal profile] helborn
Jun [personal profile] icanhearscreams
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In retrospect this was an unfortunate choice of character to use that joke with oh well

Hey guys, Plurk Support are lazy butts who didn't even acknowledge my report, so just letting people know here that I now have a Plurk again using a dummy email account with forwarding to my real one. (Because my email was taken and they Can't Have That. Yes I'm bitter.)

[plurk.com profile] therealbliss is my new handle.

Imma post this in the proper place as well now. Let's get plotting again.

Here comes trouble

Jul. 11th, 2017 02:44 pm[personal profile] insidegalra posting in [community profile] synopsychic
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As a heads up, there's been an abrupt uptick in bounty hunter activity last-- ah, day and a half or so.

[Brief pause to do some conversion there. Differing time measurements can be a pain.]

I've been able to chat with at least one under the guise of coming to hunt myself, and also take a quick look at what files they've been accessing. The Empress of Moths, or rather, the people suspected of being on it, are the most accessed targets.

It seems that our choices would be either to interfere, or stay out of the way. Thoughts?


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