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January through May, 2017 )

June 2017
~June 16: I wish I found some better sounds no one's ever heard: The pack coming to Gale's side after the Lupa break-up
~June 5: Bring wings to the weak and bring grace to the strong: Lyall on the staircase in Thorne's dungeon
~June 5: Bring wings to the weak and bring grace to the strong: Lyall in he final room of Thorne's dungeon
~June 3: (no subject): Lyall introduces himself to a newish local werewolf
~June 6: The stars look very different today (intro mingle): Lyall and Tick-Tock discuss pack dynamics
~June 12: And this is what I’m gonna do: I’ve got to put the call to you (Jaunt intro mingle): Lyall and Tick-Tock discover BOTH of their ages have been vastly reduced
~June 13: And this is what I’m gonna do: I’ve got to put the call to you (Jaunt intro mingle): Lyall checks on Hajime
~June 15: [end of the first day of the jaunt] Tell me baby, how do I turn my back on you, tell me how to leave: Lyall warns Laughs that local wolves may not be friendly (or available)
~June 23: Through the crowds and through the cheers (jaunt week/day 2): Lyall shares frozen yogurt feels with Gale
~June 23: Wolf Pack Bonding Time: Lyall and the rest of his non-infiltrated pack are out doing the wolf thing
~June 26: People are strange when you're a stranger (Jaunt day 3): Lyall looking for Laughs and hating loud festivals
~June 26: he mad: Lyall chimes in with why going magically postal on captors doesn't work well
~June 27: Whose Round Is It Anyway?: Lyall has guesses for which Arcana is involved this time
~June 26: The tenets of the hypothesis that humans have no soul are disputed. [dungeon rescue]: Lyall goes in after Laughs-at-the-Storm

July 2017
~July ?: Don't let the sun go down on me (final jaunt mingle): Lyall and Tick-Tock go on an actual date
~July 18: On a clear day you can see forever (Jauntabout return): Lyall gets asked an important question
~July 20: On a clear day you can see forever (Jauntabout return): Lyall checks in with Gale~July 20: Be thankful Liminal doesn't have airliners.: Lyall in Lupa's almost-dungeon
~July 20: On a clear day you can see forever (Jauntabout return): Lyall meets Casper
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~May 27: A Confused Gentleman Werewolf [OPEN]: Lyall arrives in the world between worlds
~June 26: Wolfish exploration: Lyall explores the world between worlds a little
~July 2: Sleepers Wake: Lyall finally learns a bit of what he's supposed to be doing between worlds
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Name: Randall Lyall
Reincarnation Of: Randolph Lyall
Canon: Parasol Protectorate
Age: 300+ / 34
Appearance: Played by Peter Davidson
Current Occupation: Part time tutoring employment in Germany
Current Condition: Unhappy but determined, also nocturnal

Full Application: From werewolf to teacher and then back again.

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January Activity )
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Weeks 9 to 75 )

Week 76
~Wednesday: A Working Class Hero Is Something To Be: Lyall bumps into Ghost again
~Thursday: Closed, Week 76: Sarea and Lyall confer about Derek's disappearance

Week 78
~Saturday: It's the end of the world as we know it: Lyall's thoughts on their difficult choice
~Saturday: It's the end of the world as we know it: Lyall responds to Pepper's thoughts on their difficult choice

Week 81
~All week: A Week in the Life: Randolph Lyall: Lyall doing routine things, and some not quite so routine things

Week 84
~Sunday: [Audio] Sunday, Week 84: Aberrations and Opportunities: Lyall asks directions to the nearest bone monsters

Week 85
~Tuesday: Dinner and Data Analysis: Lyall, Pepper, and Tony parse spreadsheets
~Mid-week: Plans for Golems [Semi-open]: Lyall makes plans with folks to deal with the problem

Week 86
~Sunday-Monday: Solstice Spectacle: Lyall at the Convergence Solstice
~Monday: [Video + Text] Just after midnight, Monday morning: Lyall videos something strange
~Monday: Solstice Spectacle: Lyall meets a semi-friendly ghost
~Wednesday: Video: Wednesday, Week 85: Birthdays are mildly confusing

Week 87
~Wednesday: Passing on exposition: Lyall meets Molly on Salvation to discuss Nem
~Thursday: Scaly Scouting: Lyall reluctantly teams up with Zevran to dragon-hunt

Week 89
~Tuesday: California Girl vs Ice: Lyall and Molly on ice

Week 93
~Sunday: Let's do the Time Warp again...: Kaidan has some news about timelines and craziness

Week 97/98
~Traveling: The Search: Lyall standing watch over the camp and being frustrated by suits

Week 99
~Return: Crashing the Resurrection Party: Kaidan shows up at the ship as people are coming back from dying

100 years in the past
~Salvation: Please don't drive eighty eight: Right after coming through to the past
~Open: Please don't drive eighty eight: Doing some investigating

Previous routine: Hunting + exploring + paperwork at night, Kaidan + Vault during the day, occasionally helping out the militia in the evenings
New routine: Night shifts at the library seven days a week, hunting afterwards, exploring subway tunnels during daylight hours when he's not sleeping
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~February 2: intro log: Gabriel Gray (Sylar)'s arrival n the station
~February 2: intro log: Arrival on the station (open: Tony Foster)
~February 2: intro log: Maeby's arrival on the station
~February 6: video.: Aria's offer of work, and Lyall's questions about it
~February 8: 001; video: Raquel Shepard's announcement post of infos and Lyall's quest for training
~February 9: FYI | Video: Tony makes a FYI post and Lyall talks him into helping explain things
~February 14: [CLOSED]: Meeting Lisbeth
~February 22: Undead Hunting the Undead [OPEN]: Lyall's hunting adjutants (and sometimes eating them)
~February 25: WHEN ADJUTANTS ATTACK → plot end log.: Following Raquel Shepard through the warehouse

~March 14: LOG. OPEN. SHENANIGANS WELCOME.: Lyall approaches Captain Kirrahe, observing the observer
~March 17: like a big pizza pie (open): Lyall rescues a kid from shanking over pizza
~March 19: Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day.: Lyall pokes his nose into Xiahou Dun's building affairs
~March 20: Merchanting [OPEN]: Lyall is eminently interruptable while looking for proper food

~Future plot ideas: killing varren belonging to Blood Pack merc group; opening some kind of shop? info broker?
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July, 2013
~November 2, 1888: All Soul's Day- November 2nd, 1888: Lyall visits with Warsman at church
~November 2, 1888: (no subject): Shirogane moves furniture, and Lyall has to tell him he did it wrong
~November 3, 1888: November 3, 1888: Morning Rounds Early morning with Randolph Lyall
~November 3, 1888: The automaton problem


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