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Professor Randolph Lyall
Parasol Protectorate
Gail, 31

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Constructive enlightenment: An intense focus that aids productivity and skill while sacrificing paying attention to anything else. (Grid, learned from Kanji)
Exorcism/spirit commanding: Communication with and command over spirits, but only for the cause of good. He prefers to do this as a request. (Purgatory)
Grace of Oracular Vision: Visions of the future, past, or present randomly interrupt whatever he's doing at the time. Usually will be of small things unless given permission by mods. (Purgatory)
Angelic racial traits: Tawny feathered wings, capable of flight, and a halo with a varying level of glow (Purgatory)
Pillar Resistance: A strong anti-magic field that nullifies spells and repells some monster types. (Questing Country)
Audiocaudal Syndrome: A virus that facilitates s. tech and leaves the sufferer with animal ears and a tail. Lyall's is that of a red fox. Includes one s. tech skill, which in this case is "pie & flowers & popcorn" (Doki Doki, "caught" from Alcuin)
Witchcraft:: The ability to predict or manipulate the weather, summon elementals or strengthen natural elemental traits, gain cryptic mystical insights, curse others, cause hallucinations, or call ghosts. Only available to Ashina and their Corvigers. While powerful and varied, withcraft can be unreliable, and drains a great deal of energy, and sometime temporary sanity, from its users. (Children of the Night)
Elemental Armor: The ability to summon an elemental of air, water, stone, fire, ice, or wood to surround and shield yourself or one individual within thirty feet in two inches of mobile elemental substance. The armor is very clumsy, and otherwise has all the traits of the natural substance. (Children of the Night)
S. Tech Mastery: Additional control over the illusion-based skill s. tech. Includes emotional weather, sparkle and glow, instant wardrobe change, abrupt makeover. (Doki Doki walkabout, taught by Varric)
Interface: (Grid, taught by Thorne)
Clockwork Tinkering: (Lightside/Darkside, taught by Tachibana)
Pogemon Form: He can now turn into a fox-like alien creature with a multitude of tails, a cravat that functions like tentacles, and very large ears. (Pogemon)
Pogmentation: Through the focusing of emotions, he can turn his pogemon form into an evolved form with more power, a soft glow, and wings. (Pogemon)
Lesser Blessing: Galen's Healing: Through the laying on of hands and the application of will, Lyall can close small wounds and cure some sicknesses. (Gifted by God!Galen/Tachibana)

Liminal Space
Portal Creation
Hammerspace I, II
Remote Portal Creation
Liminal Manipulation I, II
Teleport I
Summon Traveler

Network Archive Retrieval
Sensory livestreaming
Filter Intrusion
Sensory Eavesdropping
Psychic Detection (taught by Armin)
Psychic Bridge
Telepathic Power
Memory Sharing
Investigator Mind-Reading
Infiltrator Knowledge (taught by Daneel)
Memory Immersion
Image Protection I
Infiltrator Mind-Reading
Infiltrator Telepathy
Infiltrator Persona
Partition Mind
Dream Communication
Memory Restoration
Network Bookmarking

Favor of Judgement
Aura of Judgement
Marked Harmony

Werewolf shapeshifting streamlining: He no longer has to wait hours for his body to heal after a shapeshift.
Partial werewolf shapeshifting: Lyall can now perform partial shapeshifts into wolf form, such as eyes, teeth, tail, or even his whole head. This is not actually Anubis form. (He'll get that later.)
Anubis form: Shifting over just his head, the state in which an Alpha werewolf can metamorphose mortals into werewolves (or kill them, if it doesn't work). Comes with Alpha status on the packbond with Hajime, Tick-Tock, and Gale. Gained through Hajime's dungeon.
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2015 Activity )

2016 Activity )

January through May, 2017 )

June 2017
~June 16: I wish I found some better sounds no one's ever heard: The pack coming to Gale's side after the Lupa break-up
~June 5: Bring wings to the weak and bring grace to the strong: Lyall on the staircase in Thorne's dungeon
~June 5: Bring wings to the weak and bring grace to the strong: Lyall in he final room of Thorne's dungeon
~June 3: (no subject): Lyall introduces himself to a newish local werewolf
~June 6: The stars look very different today (intro mingle): Lyall and Tick-Tock discuss pack dynamics
~June 12: And this is what I’m gonna do: I’ve got to put the call to you (Jaunt intro mingle): Lyall and Tick-Tock discover BOTH of their ages have been vastly reduced
~June 13: And this is what I’m gonna do: I’ve got to put the call to you (Jaunt intro mingle): Lyall checks on Hajime
~June 15: [end of the first day of the jaunt] Tell me baby, how do I turn my back on you, tell me how to leave: Lyall warns Laughs that local wolves may not be friendly (or available)
~June 23: Through the crowds and through the cheers (jaunt week/day 2): Lyall shares frozen yogurt feels with Gale
~June 23: Wolf Pack Bonding Time: Lyall and the rest of his non-infiltrated pack are out doing the wolf thing
~June 26: People are strange when you're a stranger (Jaunt day 3): Lyall looking for Laughs and hating loud festivals
~June 26: he mad: Lyall chimes in with why going magically postal on captors doesn't work well
~June 27: Whose Round Is It Anyway?: Lyall has guesses for which Arcana is involved this time
~June 26: The tenets of the hypothesis that humans have no soul are disputed. [dungeon rescue]: Lyall goes in after Laughs-at-the-Storm

July 2017
~July 23: Don't let the sun go down on me (final jaunt mingle): Lyall and Tick-Tock go on an actual date
~July 18: On a clear day you can see forever (Jauntabout return): Lyall gets asked an important question
~July 20: On a clear day you can see forever (Jauntabout return): Lyall checks in with Gale
~July 20: Be thankful Liminal doesn't have airliners.: Lyall in Lupa's almost-dungeon
~July 20: On a clear day you can see forever (Jauntabout return): Lyall meets Casper
~July 24: I scream, you scream, we all scream (for intro mingles): Lyall at the ice cream BBQ

August 2017
~July 24: I scream, you scream, we all scream (for intro mingles): Lyall runs into an aged down Hajime at the ice cream BBQ
~July 31: I scream, you scream, we all scream (for intro mingles): Lyall finds an aged-down Gale and tries to help
~August 1: Tea time won't be the same: Lyall is annoyed by the ever-present smell of tea
~August 1: Psychic First Aid: Lyall asks Liara about learning psychic healing
~August 1: (no subject): Lyall lets people know a couple of his skills, as well
~August 8: and I start to complain when there's no rain (walkabout opener): Lyall on Jangwa, planet of dragons
~August 8: [walkabout] Seriously?: Lyall checks in on walkabout
~August 11: and I start to complain when there's no rain (walkabout opener): Lyall visits with Jean on Jangwa
~August 23: and I start to complain when there's no rain (walkabout opener): Lyall and Robert (Laughs-at-the-Storm) discuss dragon husbandry and rehabilitation

September 2017
! September 5: waiting for the sun to rise and shine (Walkabout mingle): Lyall meets Laughs' new bond
! September 16: Lay down your weary tune (return mingle): Lyall reappears in liminal space and sneezes a lot
! September 16: Lay down your weary tune (return mingle): Lyall visits Naoki's bar
! September 17: You are your own worst enemy: Lyall and Naoki outside Jean's dreamspace
! September 17: You are your own worst enemy: Lyall attempting to get Jean out of his own brain
! September 20: Lay down your weary tune (return mingle): Lyall comes to see Tachibana
! September 20: Feasting with Friends! Or just free food anyway: Lyall says hello to Melissa at Malik's free food fest post-Harrogate
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P L A Y E R;
NAME: Gail
AGE: 33
CONTACT: cacopheny @ gmail, cacopheny on plurk

C H A R A C T E R;
NAME: Randolph Lyall
CANON: Parasol Protectorate
POINT IN CANON: After book five, and then after a reincarnation into modern America
AGE: 300-ish / mid 30s

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~May 27: A Confused Gentleman Werewolf [OPEN]: Lyall arrives in the world between worlds
~June 26: Wolfish exploration: Lyall explores the world between worlds a little
~July 2: Sleepers Wake: Lyall finally learns a bit of what he's supposed to be doing between worlds
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Name: Randall Lyall
Reincarnation Of: Randolph Lyall
Canon: Parasol Protectorate
Age: 300+ / 34
Appearance: Played by Peter Davidson
Current Occupation: Part time tutoring employment in Germany
Current Condition: Unhappy but determined, also nocturnal

Full Application: From werewolf to teacher and then back again.

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January Activity )
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OOC Information:

Name: Gail
Are you over 15? Yes
Contact: cacopheny @ gmail . com

IC Information:

Name: Randolph Lyall / Randall Lyall
Canon: Parasol Protectorate
Age: 300+ / 34

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Weeks 9 to 75 )

Week 76
~Wednesday: A Working Class Hero Is Something To Be: Lyall bumps into Ghost again
~Thursday: Closed, Week 76: Sarea and Lyall confer about Derek's disappearance

Week 78
~Saturday: It's the end of the world as we know it: Lyall's thoughts on their difficult choice
~Saturday: It's the end of the world as we know it: Lyall responds to Pepper's thoughts on their difficult choice

Week 81
~All week: A Week in the Life: Randolph Lyall: Lyall doing routine things, and some not quite so routine things

Week 84
~Sunday: [Audio] Sunday, Week 84: Aberrations and Opportunities: Lyall asks directions to the nearest bone monsters

Week 85
~Tuesday: Dinner and Data Analysis: Lyall, Pepper, and Tony parse spreadsheets
~Mid-week: Plans for Golems [Semi-open]: Lyall makes plans with folks to deal with the problem

Week 86
~Sunday-Monday: Solstice Spectacle: Lyall at the Convergence Solstice
~Monday: [Video + Text] Just after midnight, Monday morning: Lyall videos something strange
~Monday: Solstice Spectacle: Lyall meets a semi-friendly ghost
~Wednesday: Video: Wednesday, Week 85: Birthdays are mildly confusing

Week 87
~Wednesday: Passing on exposition: Lyall meets Molly on Salvation to discuss Nem
~Thursday: Scaly Scouting: Lyall reluctantly teams up with Zevran to dragon-hunt

Week 89
~Tuesday: California Girl vs Ice: Lyall and Molly on ice

Week 93
~Sunday: Let's do the Time Warp again...: Kaidan has some news about timelines and craziness

Week 97/98
~Traveling: The Search: Lyall standing watch over the camp and being frustrated by suits

Week 99
~Return: Crashing the Resurrection Party: Kaidan shows up at the ship as people are coming back from dying

100 years in the past
~Salvation: Please don't drive eighty eight: Right after coming through to the past
~Open: Please don't drive eighty eight: Doing some investigating

Previous routine: Hunting + exploring + paperwork at night, Kaidan + Vault during the day, occasionally helping out the militia in the evenings
New routine: Night shifts at the library seven days a week, hunting afterwards, exploring subway tunnels during daylight hours when he's not sleeping
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[- OOC Information -]

Name: Gail
Do you play any other characters in Outer Divide? No

[- Character Information -]

Character Name: Professor Randolph Lyall
Fandom: The Parasol Protectorate
AU or OU: OU
Canon Point: After the end of Heartless and before the start of Timeless
Journal: professorwolf

”Details” )
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~February 2: intro log: Gabriel Gray (Sylar)'s arrival n the station
~February 2: intro log: Arrival on the station (open: Tony Foster)
~February 2: intro log: Maeby's arrival on the station
~February 6: video.: Aria's offer of work, and Lyall's questions about it
~February 8: 001; video: Raquel Shepard's announcement post of infos and Lyall's quest for training
~February 9: FYI | Video: Tony makes a FYI post and Lyall talks him into helping explain things
~February 14: [CLOSED]: Meeting Lisbeth
~February 22: Undead Hunting the Undead [OPEN]: Lyall's hunting adjutants (and sometimes eating them)
~February 25: WHEN ADJUTANTS ATTACK → plot end log.: Following Raquel Shepard through the warehouse

~March 14: LOG. OPEN. SHENANIGANS WELCOME.: Lyall approaches Captain Kirrahe, observing the observer
~March 17: like a big pizza pie (open): Lyall rescues a kid from shanking over pizza
~March 19: Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day.: Lyall pokes his nose into Xiahou Dun's building affairs
~March 20: Merchanting [OPEN]: Lyall is eminently interruptable while looking for proper food

~Future plot ideas: killing varren belonging to Blood Pack merc group; opening some kind of shop? info broker?
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Player Info
Name: Gail
OOC Journal: [personal profile] professorwolf
Over 18? Yes
Email/IM/Plurk: email | IM throughoblivion
Current characters: None

Character Info
Name: Professor Randolph Lyall

Canon: The Parasol Protectorate

Age: 300 or thereabouts

Canon/AU/CR AU: Canon

Soulless Wiki Page
Professor Lyall’s character page

History: As a somewhat obscure book character, not much information is available online, so I have written out a character history here.

Canon Point: After the end of Heartless and before the beginning of Timeless

”Details” )
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July, 2013
~November 2, 1888: All Soul's Day- November 2nd, 1888: Lyall visits with Warsman at church
~November 2, 1888: (no subject): Shirogane moves furniture, and Lyall has to tell him he did it wrong
~November 3, 1888: November 3, 1888: Morning Rounds Early morning with Randolph Lyall
~November 3, 1888: The automaton problem
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OOC Information

Name: Gail
Age: 31
Characters already in game?: None
Contact: PM this journal or email at cacopheny @ gmail

IC Information

Name: Randolph Lyall
Canon: Parasol Protectorate
Canon Medium: Book series
Age: Physically early 30s; in actual years, the span of his mortal life plus about 300
Gender/ Sex: Male

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