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When Lyall hears the last of the breaking bones finish aligning themselves, he opens the door and steps inside, carrying a fresh set of clothes over one arm. He gives Nick a wan smile. It's the young werewolf's second night of changing, so at least he'll know what to expect. The full moon isn't for another few days, so Lyall can be there for him when he comes to himself again, exhausted and sore. He isn't letting him sleep here in the cell at the Outer Authority station-- he'll get him back home, for that-- but at least he can offer clothes, a brief meal, and comfort.

"Welcome back to the land of the two-footed," he comments, settling down on one knee beside him. "How are you feeling?"
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Weeks 9 to 75 )

Week 76
~Wednesday: A Working Class Hero Is Something To Be: Lyall bumps into Ghost again
~Thursday: Closed, Week 76: Sarea and Lyall confer about Derek's disappearance

Week 78
~Saturday: It's the end of the world as we know it: Lyall's thoughts on their difficult choice
~Saturday: It's the end of the world as we know it: Lyall responds to Pepper's thoughts on their difficult choice

Week 81
~All week: A Week in the Life: Randolph Lyall: Lyall doing routine things, and some not quite so routine things

Week 84
~Sunday: [Audio] Sunday, Week 84: Aberrations and Opportunities: Lyall asks directions to the nearest bone monsters

Week 85
~Tuesday: Dinner and Data Analysis: Lyall, Pepper, and Tony parse spreadsheets
~Mid-week: Plans for Golems [Semi-open]: Lyall makes plans with folks to deal with the problem

Week 86
~Sunday-Monday: Solstice Spectacle: Lyall at the Convergence Solstice
~Monday: [Video + Text] Just after midnight, Monday morning: Lyall videos something strange
~Monday: Solstice Spectacle: Lyall meets a semi-friendly ghost
~Wednesday: Video: Wednesday, Week 85: Birthdays are mildly confusing

Week 87
~Wednesday: Passing on exposition: Lyall meets Molly on Salvation to discuss Nem
~Thursday: Scaly Scouting: Lyall reluctantly teams up with Zevran to dragon-hunt

Week 89
~Tuesday: California Girl vs Ice: Lyall and Molly on ice

Week 93
~Sunday: Let's do the Time Warp again...: Kaidan has some news about timelines and craziness

Week 97/98
~Traveling: The Search: Lyall standing watch over the camp and being frustrated by suits

Week 99
~Return: Crashing the Resurrection Party: Kaidan shows up at the ship as people are coming back from dying

100 years in the past
~Salvation: Please don't drive eighty eight: Right after coming through to the past
~Open: Please don't drive eighty eight: Doing some investigating

Previous routine: Hunting + exploring + paperwork at night, Kaidan + Vault during the day, occasionally helping out the militia in the evenings
New routine: Night shifts at the library seven days a week, hunting afterwards, exploring subway tunnels during daylight hours when he's not sleeping
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[- OOC Information -]

Name: Gail
Do you play any other characters in Outer Divide? No

[- Character Information -]

Character Name: Professor Randolph Lyall
Fandom: The Parasol Protectorate
AU or OU: OU
Canon Point: After the end of Heartless and before the start of Timeless
Journal: professorwolf

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